The Benefit You Will Get When You Solo Traveling

Not having a partner for traveling is the biggest reason that makes people discouraged to travel. They don’t dare to do solo traveling because they think they will feel lonely, boring, and insecure. But actually, solo travel has a myriad of advantages which we will explain below, so stay tuned to our website!

  1. Total Freedom

Solo travel gives you complete and total freedom. When you travel with other people, you have to consider what they might want to do at a certain time or where they want to go. So both you and your partner must take consideration first about the what-to-do list and the itinerary. But with solo travel, you really can do whatever you want, whenever you want and there will be no debate.

  1. New Friend

Most people don’t like having to go out and talk to strangers to make new friends. Most of us don’t want to involve with strangers if we don’t have to. This is what will happen when we travel with people we know and we will always depend on our partner. This makes we don’t want to meet new people and just try to solve our problems and need ourselves. Imagine extraordinary people who might be able to meet if you have the will to go out of your comfort zone. And in our experience, almost all the amazing people I met is when we going in solo traveling. Because u don’t know what will happen when you go solo traveling.

  1. No Drama

Traveling is a very personal thing, and what someone likes will be different from each other. Unless you and your travel companion have a lot in common when traveling, maybe everything will go smoothly. Even if you have spent a lot of time together every day and think you have a match, it does not mean the same thing will happen when traveling together. When you travel together, you will be around each other 24/7. You will share a room, sleep side by side on an overnight bus trip, climb a mountain together, and look for ways to find accommodation. When you and your partner experience fatigue from lack of sleep or whatever it will certainly cause the emergence of pressures even though your relationship is very close. So when you traveling solo, we will make sure there is no drama on your trip.

  1. Self Confidence

If you are a shy person, solo traveling will be a scary thing. But instead, solo travel can help you overcome your shy nature. Because when you do solo travel you will also meet with other solo travelers who will easily receive the conversation that you started. Plus because most likely you will not meet those people again in the future, so you can express yourself at will. Solo travel can help you to build self-confidence by continuously encouraging you to interact with strangers. Self-confidence is very useful if you gamble in the Pandahoki site as the biggest online gamble in southeast Asia, for every decision you make, self-confidence is one of the most factors. You can be traveling and playing online gambling while enjoying the holiday.

  1. Love and Depend yourself more

If you go on a big solo trip, you won’t meet people you know. And this forces you to do everything yourself, like eating in a restaurant alone. From here you will learn how to be confident and comfortable with yourself when no one you know. You will learn to feel good about yourself even when you are eating alone in a restaurant. Traveling, in general, is one of the most useful life experiences you can get, and you will get more benefits and experience if you decide to do it yourself. So what are you waiting for?

Top Smart Application For Traveling and Online Gambling

We live in a modern world which force us to do every single things mobiles. Traveling and vacation is no longer a problem nowadays, smartphone developer doing a good job evolving the gadget that we love so much. Plenty of apps is available to assist us while we are going outside the city, or even overseas. You name it, hotel booking apps, airplane tickets, maps, and even judi bola apps, everything is at your service. This application help many people such as conglomerates, businessman, and many online marketer such as judi online to help their business. This Judi Bola business is one of many business who got helped by this smart application, because in this business who has products such as poker, casino, and sbobet often spread their business around the world and need to go from place to place. These smart application really helpful for them. Now we will list the best top smart application for you, so you can have vacation or business trip leisurely.


Is an online booking application. It focused on room, lodge, local home stay sharing type of booking. Some also offer villa, apartment with hospitality equal to stars hotel. With variety range of price and location, they also gave some local experience like adventure, exploring around area you stayed, sometimes you may found classes, workshop, or culinary package. You also can see review in each host, sharing with friends, and review by yourself. As a guest this app also offering you to be a Host. This app has referral bonus and accept payment around the world.


This Application have so many things to offer, for example hotel booking, flights, car rental, cruises, vacation rental. You may find bundle package for saving more bucks. It also giving some discount and deals for certain time. Expedia is own by Expedia Group based in Washington is one of Microsoft division. Expedia also accept bitcoin payment.


Is an application based on users generate reviewing, share hotel and restaurant around the world. Founded in February 2000, first it should be focused on official guidebook, newspaper, magazine. Tripadvisor operate internationally and joined with local area application such as BookingBuddy, GateGuru, SmarterTraveler, FlipKey.  Now Tripadvisor also give option review for road trip, trip inspiration, summary best of the year, Travel guide.

Google Maps

Unquestionable, if you traveling you must have at least 1 GPS application. It may help you if you get lost, ask direction, or checking public places. There are some other GPS application like Waze, WeGo, Scout. Google Maps also linked to your account, you can find, share, review some places or things.


Traveling now is much easier and cheaper. Uber is a peer-to-peer sharing application. It give you to ride, food delivery, service hailing, or bicycle sharing.  Price may vary depend on route, range. Payment can do with google pay, apple pay, credit card, or cash.

Unique Ride Experience For Traveling


Go to mountain, or beaches, maybe visit traditional village with full of culture that you never see before is more fun and feel so unique. But never feel ride experience while traveling is such a new experience. Nowadays airplane industries are competing their first class industries, equip with new stuff and design, they are giving the best services for their customer.

Not only airplane industries, road and sea traveling also have best choice. Here some list for getting unique traveling ride experience.


Never ride hot air balloon? In Goreme Cappadocia turkey, they have hot air balloon. You can see ancient volcanoes, natural geo mineralized rock forming like hills also monastery church made from 30 carved rock from 9-11th century.

If you want something modern, Dubai offer skydive from top of the palm jumeirah. You may see man-made island and man-made skyscraper from top above. Don’t worry, you won’t skydiving alone, they accompany a guide. Feels like in the mission impossible movie, isn’t it?


Bus has so many type and size, start from single to double decker. From city to other, or move to other country. Giving some facilities in the bus stop, nowadays bus stop look like an airport. Some type of bus has sleeping / private style cabin.

Train also giving unique transportation. You may find high speed train or luxury style transcontinental train like Maharaja’s express. They can give you private cabin with bathroom inside, bar, lounge, dinning cars, souvenir shops.


Cruise is one of transportation can carry hundred people inside with pleasure voyage style trip. It offer 5 star like hotel with so many facilities and entertainment, show, club, gym, casino, also never ending buffet. Route start from Bahamas, trans pacific, trans atlantics, Europe, south Africa, South east Asia.

Underwater trip that you never expected like atlantis submarine Barbados give you new experience to see underwater with submarine-like.

Tips For Traveler Around The World

As a traveler, you don’t want bad experience on the place you love. To avoid those bad experience, you always learn something, act something before it happen, thinking before do something. Prepare for everything. Make it under control.

But when it happen, it always come out from our mind. These are few tips for you guys as a traveler.



You must plan for your budget before you do traveling, what type of traveling will you choose. Is it backpacker, ordinary traveler with 3 stars hotel, or maybe luxurious type of traveling. Accommodation is the main factor of your expense. Choose wisely, start from transportation, hotel, to public transport. Some area offer best and cheap public transportation, some more expensive. Take a look at your journey and route you want. If you take personal traveler without travel agency, you also have to think about food you like, search something don’t be rushed to get meal. Some food will look delicious but may take different taste from what you think, it might get spicier. Be careful if you can’t get spicy food, better prepare for medicine.



Public places commonly have schedule. You must know before you go. Get direction how far you can take, never underestimate from traffic jam it may cause trouble to you. Best way you search it on night and write down to make a schedule.



Wear what you really comfortable. Never get wrong dress, for example if you traveling when in summer season, wear thin or material that absorb sweat. When in winter wear thick clothes or jacket. Tropical season is more like summer season. Also bring an umbrella.


If you traveling to remote place or quite dangerous to do, get relative that already known to that place. Sometimes you couldn’t find everything on the internet. If you can’t get relatives, choose travel agency with travel tour guide inside. They also helping you to explain the culture and understand the language.

Things To Prepare When You Take Vacation


We never want something miss to carry when we take vacation or traveling. If we carry too much it might weary and give more trouble. What we need to do to prepare, make some list before you pack, things aren’t suitable should be keep it stay at home. Also we make sure what we’re going to. For example if you go to the beach, you should bring sun block. Or something like that.

Here what I can share to you, what you should and shouldn’t do :


            Of course you need proper bag to carry your clothes or tools inside. You don’t want to bring suitcase or roller luggage when you go to mountain. Don’t get wrong type of bag. You also have to think what put inside. Clothes you may wear, toiletries, shoes, pants. Never get wrong dress code.


            Never forget about it, but don’t be reckless. If you are reckless type person, don’t bring too much accessories. Choose one of your glasses or eye lenses for suitable vacation.  Jewelry that aren’t really useful just put at home. Remember what to do and where is your destination.

Bring sandals if you go to the beach, it much comfortable. Casual shoes will be better for walking on pavement.


            We never get off from it, it always attach to our daily life. Even if we take vacation, we still using it. Example smartphones to take picture, or calling your relatives. Get a battery charger like power bank or car charger if you go by car. Bring 12v AC adapter if you go to other countries, it may have different slot. Power bank should have below 100w and less than 27,000 mAh if you go abroad with plane. Also if you travel abroad, remember your SIM CARD could be change or you should buy their international SIM.

Vacation Benefit For Our Life


Everyone need vacation for sure, each every couple of months. With vacation, we can help and refresh our mind, even with just short term vacation, picnic, camping, or study tour to other site. People rarely take vacation will feel saturated, stressed, sometimes depression. Daily work, Home work also may increase your stress level. These are few benefits if you take vacation:

  • It give best memories with people we love

Vacation with other people we love, such as family, bestfriends, or such relation will give more bond & memories to share. Family vacation may give extra communication to each member. Nowadays people are getting more busy.

  • Vacation is one way to get more educated

Vacation may give people more educated, we can learn something new such as how to do when we go to mountain, raise tent or we can go to museum learn the history, science that we never know before. Zoo is also best spot for our kids to learn animals, they will see and learn something new that book never told, easier to remember.

  • Release our stress level, and relaxing nerve from tension.

Go to mountain, or beach is most favorable things to do. Sight seeing in vacation, short term journey should be fun. It can release stressful. Day-to-day work might get temporary forgotten, but that’s the point of vacation isn’t it. With refreshing mind, believe that it may increase your productivity on the next day.

  • Reduce to get ill

We know that mostly illness start from our mind. if we get so hard to think & to do about daily life that makes our life become so stressful,  we could get sick so easily. For example we can increase our life with exercise, and most important is get vacation. See beautiful view, natural green grass, or feel the breeze from mountain can reduce our stress level.