Unique Ride Experience For Traveling


Go to mountain, or beaches, maybe visit traditional village with full of culture that you never see before is more fun and feel so unique. But never feel ride experience while traveling is such a new experience. Nowadays airplane industries are competing their first class industries, equip with new stuff and design, they are giving the best services for their customer.

Not only airplane industries, road and sea traveling also have best choice. Here some list for getting unique traveling ride experience.


Never ride hot air balloon? In Goreme Cappadocia turkey, they have hot air balloon. You can see ancient volcanoes, natural geo mineralized rock forming like hills also monastery church made from 30 carved rock from 9-11th century.

If you want something modern, Dubai offer skydive from top of the palm jumeirah. You may see man-made island and man-made skyscraper from top above. Don’t worry, you won’t skydiving alone, they accompany a guide. Feels like in the mission impossible movie, isn’t it?


Bus has so many type and size, start from single to double decker. From city to other, or move to other country. Giving some facilities in the bus stop, nowadays bus stop look like an airport. Some type of bus has sleeping / private style cabin.

Train also giving unique transportation. You may find high speed train or luxury style transcontinental train like Maharaja’s express. They can give you private cabin with bathroom inside, bar, lounge, dinning cars, souvenir shops.


Cruise is one of transportation can carry hundred people inside with pleasure voyage style trip. It offer 5 star like hotel with so many facilities and entertainment, show, club, gym, casino, also never ending buffet. Route start from Bahamas, trans pacific, trans atlantics, Europe, south Africa, South east Asia.

Underwater trip that you never expected like atlantis submarine Barbados give you new experience to see underwater with submarine-like.