Vacation Benefit For Our Life


Everyone need vacation for sure, each every couple of months. With vacation, we can help and refresh our mind, even with just short term vacation, picnic, camping, or study tour to other site. People rarely take vacation will feel saturated, stressed, sometimes depression. Daily work, Home work also may increase your stress level. These are few benefits if you take vacation:

  • It give best memories with people we love

Vacation with other people we love, such as family, bestfriends, or such relation will give more bond & memories to share. Family vacation may give extra communication to each member. Nowadays people are getting more busy.

  • Vacation is one way to get more educated

Vacation may give people more educated, we can learn something new such as how to do when we go to mountain, raise tent or we can go to museum learn the history, science that we never know before. Zoo is also best spot for our kids to learn animals, they will see and learn something new that book never told, easier to remember.

  • Release our stress level, and relaxing nerve from tension.

Go to mountain, or beach is most favorable things to do. Sight seeing in vacation, short term journey should be fun. It can release stressful. Day-to-day work might get temporary forgotten, but that’s the point of vacation isn’t it. With refreshing mind, believe that it may increase your productivity on the next day.

  • Reduce to get ill

We know that mostly illness start from our mind. if we get so hard to think & to do about daily life that makes our life become so stressful,  we could get sick so easily. For example we can increase our life with exercise, and most important is get vacation. See beautiful view, natural green grass, or feel the breeze from mountain can reduce our stress level.