Top Smart Application For Traveling and Online Gambling

We live in a modern world which force us to do every single things mobiles. Traveling and vacation is no longer a problem nowadays, smartphone developer doing a good job evolving the gadget that we love so much. Plenty of apps is available to assist us while we are going outside the city, or even overseas. You name it, hotel booking apps, airplane tickets, maps, and even judi bola apps, everything is at your service. This application help many people such as conglomerates, businessman, and many online marketer such as judi online to help their business. This Judi Bola business is one of many business who got helped by this smart application, because in this business who has products such as poker, casino, and sbobet often spread their business around the world and need to go from place to place. These smart application really helpful for them. Now we will list the best top smart application for you, so you can have vacation or business trip leisurely.


Is an online booking application. It focused on room, lodge, local home stay sharing type of booking. Some also offer villa, apartment with hospitality equal to stars hotel. With variety range of price and location, they also gave some local experience like adventure, exploring around area you stayed, sometimes you may found classes, workshop, or culinary package. You also can see review in each host, sharing with friends, and review by yourself. As a guest this app also offering you to be a Host. This app has referral bonus and accept payment around the world.


This Application have so many things to offer, for example hotel booking, flights, car rental, cruises, vacation rental. You may find bundle package for saving more bucks. It also giving some discount and deals for certain time. Expedia is own by Expedia Group based in Washington is one of Microsoft division. Expedia also accept bitcoin payment.


Is an application based on users generate reviewing, share hotel and restaurant around the world. Founded in February 2000, first it should be focused on official guidebook, newspaper, magazine. Tripadvisor operate internationally and joined with local area application such as BookingBuddy, GateGuru, SmarterTraveler, FlipKey.  Now Tripadvisor also give option review for road trip, trip inspiration, summary best of the year, Travel guide.

Google Maps

Unquestionable, if you traveling you must have at least 1 GPS application. It may help you if you get lost, ask direction, or checking public places. There are some other GPS application like Waze, WeGo, Scout. Google Maps also linked to your account, you can find, share, review some places or things.


Traveling now is much easier and cheaper. Uber is a peer-to-peer sharing application. It give you to ride, food delivery, service hailing, or bicycle sharing.  Price may vary depend on route, range. Payment can do with google pay, apple pay, credit card, or cash.