Things To Prepare When You Take Vacation


We never want something miss to carry when we take vacation or traveling. If we carry too much it might weary and give more trouble. What we need to do to prepare, make some list before you pack, things aren’t suitable should be keep it stay at home. Also we make sure what we’re going to. For example if you go to the beach, you should bring sun block. Or something like that.

Here what I can share to you, what you should and shouldn’t do :


            Of course you need proper bag to carry your clothes or tools inside. You don’t want to bring suitcase or roller luggage when you go to mountain. Don’t get wrong type of bag. You also have to think what put inside. Clothes you may wear, toiletries, shoes, pants. Never get wrong dress code.


            Never forget about it, but don’t be reckless. If you are reckless type person, don’t bring too much accessories. Choose one of your glasses or eye lenses for suitable vacation.  Jewelry that aren’t really useful just put at home. Remember what to do and where is your destination.

Bring sandals if you go to the beach, it much comfortable. Casual shoes will be better for walking on pavement.


            We never get off from it, it always attach to our daily life. Even if we take vacation, we still using it. Example smartphones to take picture, or calling your relatives. Get a battery charger like power bank or car charger if you go by car. Bring 12v AC adapter if you go to other countries, it may have different slot. Power bank should have below 100w and less than 27,000 mAh if you go abroad with plane. Also if you travel abroad, remember your SIM CARD could be change or you should buy their international SIM.