Tips For Traveler Around The World

As a traveler, you don’t want bad experience on the place you love. To avoid those bad experience, you always learn something, act something before it happen, thinking before do something. Prepare for everything. Make it under control.

But when it happen, it always come out from our mind. These are few tips for you guys as a traveler.



You must plan for your budget before you do traveling, what type of traveling will you choose. Is it backpacker, ordinary traveler with 3 stars hotel, or maybe luxurious type of traveling. Accommodation is the main factor of your expense. Choose wisely, start from transportation, hotel, to public transport. Some area offer best and cheap public transportation, some more expensive. Take a look at your journey and route you want. If you take personal traveler without travel agency, you also have to think about food you like, search something don’t be rushed to get meal. Some food will look delicious but may take different taste from what you think, it might get spicier. Be careful if you can’t get spicy food, better prepare for medicine.



Public places commonly have schedule. You must know before you go. Get direction how far you can take, never underestimate from traffic jam it may cause trouble to you. Best way you search it on night and write down to make a schedule.



Wear what you really comfortable. Never get wrong dress, for example if you traveling when in summer season, wear thin or material that absorb sweat. When in winter wear thick clothes or jacket. Tropical season is more like summer season. Also bring an umbrella.


If you traveling to remote place or quite dangerous to do, get relative that already known to that place. Sometimes you couldn’t find everything on the internet. If you can’t get relatives, choose travel agency with travel tour guide inside. They also helping you to explain the culture and understand the language.